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SkillSparks-It-2Our Social Skills Classes:  The staff at Skill Sparks provides a social skills education program that is dedicated to helping youth learn and practice social skills in a fun and supportive environment.  Our format of purposeful and highly structured skill-based instruction in a classroom environment allows new social skills to be practiced through specific individual and team activities.  In small and large group settings, students are given the opportunity to learn, review and practice, practice, practice important social skills in an affirming and supportive environment.  Pizza dinners with engaging conversation topics will begin each week’s experience in social skills education.

Instruction and Learning Methods:  Learning methods in our social skills classes include group interaction, modeling, role-playing, discussion, visual tools, teamwork, humor and improvisation, video instruction, and cooperative games.  Each component of our social skills education curriculum is designed to support the development of new social skills and student confidence.

Benefits:  Benefits from our social skills class sessions include satisfaction, self-confidence, pride in achievement, improved self-esteem, new friendships and opportunities, and lots of fun.  This new comfort and confidence will result in greater enjoyment in social opportunities. Skill Sparks is the social skills education program that develops, through the focused curriculum in our social skills classes, the confidence to enjoy and thrive in social settings.

Family Activities and Support:  Social skills lessons are reinforced with family support. Involvement in teaching, practicing and reinforcing new skills is encouraged with weekly written updates, provided to families, after each class.  Let your student be the expert as he engages the family in fun social skills activities practice.

Who We Serve:  Our social skills education classes for youth and teens target high functioning students who want to learn new social skills and have need of the confidence, experience, and practice to successfully take part in conversations and social exchanges.  The high degree of interaction and participation in our social skills program is a cornerstone of our social skills class curriculum; therefore, this class is not a good fit for students struggling with unmanaged behavior challenges.