About Us

Jane Steinhagen
Founder and Program Director – Skill Sparks

Motivated by a desire to help her shy daughter develop greater ease in social situations Jane developed a skill-based, focused program for other youth and teens to do the same. Skill Sparks was founded to be an instrumental tool in helping students develop important skills in a fun, engaging, and structured learning environment with their peers.

Guided by the belief that both children and adults will do well if given the opportunity and needed skills, Jane challenges herself to identify and understand the obstacles that get in the way of success in order to create the paths needed for new learning and confidence. Her programs reflect her empathy for both her students and the parents who love and encourage them.

Herself a natural introvert with hard-earned extrovert skills, Jane knows the value of support that applauds effort, allows for imperfection, and acknowledges small steps toward creating useful new habits.

Jane has more than 25 years in business teaching students with all different learning styles, a degree in psychology from the U of M, and a passion for making a difference where she can.

Becca Hendlin

Becca joined the Skill Sparks team in 2013, and her enthusiasm and kindness make her a natural as an instructor in our program. Her passion for the Skill Sparks classes is seen in her positive energy, gentle encouragement and constant smile.  She is especially approachable and our students are drawn to her.

Becca’s experience living in a foreign country for several years gives her a unique appreciation for the importance of communicating effectively – to understand and be understood – and she knows the role that patience and sensitivity play in achieving that understanding.

Her work with adults who are learning to speak English further refines her skills in working with people who are striving to improve the communication skills that they use every day.

Becca knows that practice is the best way to make the improvements we want to see in ourselves, and with kindness and patience, that journey – oftentimes long and difficult – can be a little easier.  Becca is a wonderful source of support for our students on that journey.