Teen Class (Ages 13-17)

Social Skills Classes for Teens – Ages 13-17

Class Description

The “Social Connections for Teens” class brings laughter, levity and camaraderie to the learning environment.  Teens love fun, liveliness and laughing with their peers, and this class focuses on the games and activities teens tell us they enjoy most.   Fun improv games and cooperative activities involving movement, humor, and creative expression are the framework we use to help teens better understand social language and communicate with confidence.  The teens will improve their leadership and teamwork skills as they connect in fun ways with their classmates. In a non-competitive and affirming atmosphere, students will be able to feel more comfortable and at ease in social situations. Benefits from this experience include satisfaction, self-confidence, pride in achievement, self-esteem, new friendships and lots of fun.  Classes are taught by experienced social skills instructors.

This class is targeted toward students, ages 13-17, who can benefit from extra instruction and practice in order to successfully navigate social situations and enhance peer relationships. It is a good fit for  students who experience difficulty with social interactions due to attention disorders, language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia, non-verbal learning disorders or anxiety disorders.

The goal of the class is to learn new skills and increase confidence while having fun and forming new friendships. Teen-friendly dinners and engaging conversation topics will be part of each week’s experience. Whether you are a social skills class rookie, or you have been with us before, we have some great things planned.

Class Topics

Each week new, identified social skills will be presented and practiced through games and fun, cooperative group activities.  Learning methods will include games, team-building activities, improvisation and humor. Topics vary each session and the small class size allows us to customize lessons to meet individual and class needs. The skill focus for the upcoming sessions is as follows:

      • Handling mistakes
      • Active Listening
      • Dealing with Bullies
      • Speaking Assertively
      • Prospective Taking
      • Staying on topic
      • Saying “Ouch” and “I’m Sorry”
      • Making and Keeping Friends
      • Giving and Receiving Compliments
      • Initiating Conversations
      • Getting to know someone new
      • Body Language
      • Helpful Self Talk
      • Cooperating and Compromising
      • Using Affirmations
      • Managing Anger
      • Conversations – Keeping them Going
      • Honoring and Accepting Differences
      • Resolving Conflicts
      • Joining in / Welcoming Others
      • Asking for Favors
      • Making Introductions
      • Interviewing – for Clubs, Teams, Jobs
      • Dealing with Peer Pressure
      • Smiles Matter
      • Make Great First Impressions
      • Remembering Names

Session Information

Classes are held at Groves Academy, 3200 Minnesota 100 S, St. Louis Park, MN. The program is open to the public.

Skill Sparks reserves the right to cancel a session due to inadequate enrollment (minimum of 6 participants), in which case all fees are refunded.

Registration Information

Please note that acceptance into our program is based on our ability to meet each student’s needs.

This class is appropriate for high functioning students who want to learn new skills and need the confidence, experience and practice to successfully take part in conversations and social exchanges. We are committed to making sure that all students have the best possible experience.  Students with primary behavioral or emotional issues, or those who have difficulty controlling and managing behavior in a structured learning environment are best served in another program.

Contact:  info@SkillSparks.com or visit www.SkillSparks.com
Jane Steinhagen, Program Director