Skill Sparks

Social Skills Programs

January 2, 2018

Dear Families and Friends of Skill Sparks,

It has been a privilege to know you, share your lives and stories, and teach your wonderful and enthusiastic children during these past years.

After much thought and reflection, I have made the difficult decision to no longer offer social skills classes. Skill Sparks grew from my desire to improve the social skills of my own daughter with a program based on fun, confidence building, and peer-focused interactions (and, of course, pizza dinners). Now, eleven years later, my daughter is making her way in the world more confidently, and the changing dynamics of my own family are calling for my time and attention. Additionally, creating public awareness in order to grow participation in the program has proved to be a significant challenge. I am grateful to Groves Academy for so generously providing that invaluable support to Skill Sparks during our first eight years.

To parents, grandparents, and guardians… I have seen your interactions with our students, so filled with love, commitment, encouragement, and reassurance, and I know you will find new options to support them in developing socially. Dr. Ross Greene’s philosophy that ‘kids do well if they can’ (and, when they struggle, it is because they lack needed skills) has been a cornerstone of our program development at Skill Sparks. The gentle care and empathy you provide as you listen, understand, and celebrate each success will bolster and support your youth as they learn and practice important new skills.

With heartfelt appreciation, I thank you for your support and trust over the years. I have been continually inspired and delighted by your bright, creative, eager and courageous sons and daughters. Getting to know them has been the most uplifting and rewarding part of this whole endeavor.

Many of you have received the parent letters I emailed after each of our classes, detailing the night’s lessons and how to reinforce learning at home. Please check back to this site to read more about many of the lessons and resources used, and insights gained, from teaching at Skill Sparks. I am eager to share those step-by-step lessons and ideas with you so you can use them in encouraging and supporting those you love.

Warm regards,

Jane Steinhagen
Program Director

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